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January 18, 2002

Purdue fraternity placed on probation for hazing

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue University fraternity has been placed on probation after an investigation concluded that hazing was occurring within the organization.

Theta Xi Fraternity, 1000 David Ross Road, was placed on disciplinary probation until Dec. 15. The Office of the Dean of Students began an investigation in early November of last year after university officials received reports of alleged violations. Disciplinary probation means that Theta Xi has been put on notice that other violations of university regulations will likely result in the fraternity's suspension or the withdrawal of university recognition.

The investigation, which was completed at the end of the fall semester, revealed several violations, including depriving new members of sleep, providing alcohol to new members, conducting oral examinations and imposing some physical exercise requirements. Assistant Dean of Students Andy Robison said these occurrences combined to impede the academic and personal schedules of new members and that the activities were not supportive of the university's academic mission.

"The line defining hazing can be very thin, and unfortunately Theta Xi chose to cross that line," Robison said. "The organization was cooperative during the investigation, and they recognize that changes need to be made to comply with our policies and zero-tolerance stance against hazing."

In addition to being on disciplinary probation, the fraternity is required to comply with their national fraternity policy, university regulations and Indiana law pertaining to hazing. Additionally, the length of the new member, or pledge period, will be restricted to eight weeks, and the fraternity must have future activities approved by their national office and Purdue University.

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