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February 4, 2002

TAP students ready to interview for summer internships

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Now is the time for Indiana employers to begin the process to hire summer interns from Purdue University's Technical Assistance Program.

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"Last summer was our first experience with the TAP Summer Intern Program, and we found having interns to be very beneficial," said John R. Newman, president and chief operations officer of Austin Tri-Hawk Automotive Inc. in Austin, Ind. Austin Tri-Hawk supplies body parts for the automotive sector.

"The TAP internship program gives the employer the opportunity to see firsthand the quality of college and university students and what they can contribute to your organization. All three of our interns would make excellent associates of our company at a future time."

An employer begins the intern recruiting process by contacting Jack Posey, TAP's summer intern coordinator. Most intern recruiting takes place between now and April 15. The pool of available students shrinks as the semester progresses, so Posey recommends employers get an early start. TAP helps schedule students for interviews. Students and employers negotiate salaries, and interns go to work after the end of spring semester on May 3.

Since 1988 more than 700 undergraduate and graduate engineering, technology and management students have worked for 375 Hoosier employers through the intern program.

"Our program helps Indiana businesses, manufacturers and municipalities find well-qualified interns without spending excessive time in the recruiting and hiring process," Posey said.

Because of their diverse backgrounds, students can help in areas such as product development, computer-aided design, Web site development, plant layout, software selection, construction inspection and surveying, computer programming, and production process improvement. In addition, the intern program provides access to Purdue's faculty expertise for both the students and employers.

For 15 years TAP also has provided university resources to help more than 3,000 Indiana businesses, industries and government organizations implement new and advanced technologies to boost the state's economy. In addition to the intern program, TAP provides year-round technical assistance and technical information.

"Interns not only provide additional help during the summer, but often provide new insights into company processes that can result in significant improvements," Posey said. "Furthermore, many employers utilize the summer intern program to find prospective full-time employees."

Employers interested in the intern program can contact Posey at (765) 494-7845,

Writer: J.M. Lillich, (765) 494-2077,

Source: Jack Posey, (765) 494-7845;

Purdue News Service: (765) 494-2096;

Purdue University TAP interns examine a rear skirt assembly for the Subaru Outback produced at Austin Tri-Hawk in Austin, Ind. Since 1988 more than 700 undergraduate and graduate engineering, technology and management students have worked for 375 Hoosier employers through TAP's Summer Intern Program. (Division of Instructional Services photo by John Underwood.)

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