Central Indiana Life Sciences Initiative


Fact Sheet

Central Indiana Life Sciences Initiative

The Initiative’s mission is to focus and build on Central Indiana’s competitive advantage in life sciences. The founding members of the Initiative are the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, the City of Indianapolis, Indiana University, Purdue University and the Indiana Health Industry Forum.

Industry Facts

Central Indiana has a 79 percent higher concentration in medical devices and a 30 percent higher concentration in hospitals and laboratories compared with the nation. (Source: Battelle Memorial Institute)

Central Indiana workers in the pharmaceuticals industry earn $113,944 annually, far more than the $68,401 national average, and workers in the agricultural chemicals industry earn $111,368, far more than the $50,460 national average. (Source: IMPLAN )

More than 82,000 Indiana workers make their living in the life sciences sector. (Source: Battelle Memorial Institute)

The life sciences industry is the state’s largest employer, providing jobs to 318,000 people or 13.3 percent of private sector jobs. (Source: Indiana Department of Commerce)

Life sciences workers earn 2.5 times the average worker salary in Central Indiana. (Source: Battelle Memorial Institute)

The life sciences sector grew 40 percent faster than any other industry in the state over a seven-year period in the 1990s. (Source: Battelle Memorial Institute)

Indiana already ranks ninth nationally in surgical and medical instrument sales and employees, second in surgical appliances and sales and fifth in pharmaceutical sales. (Source: Indiana Health Industry Forum using data from the Indiana Department of Commerce)

Central Indiana generates more life sciences graduates than other regions of the Midwest, except for southeast Michigan, which has a considerably larger population. (Source: Battelle Memorial Institute)

Note: Battelle Memorial Institute studies were conducted from 1998 to 2002.