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February 22, 2002

Indiana popcorn crop is 'popping' up

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Indiana's popcorn crop regained much of its "pop" in 2001, as ideal planting conditions led to a substantial increase in production.

"It was a perfect planting season for popcorn," said Susan Reynolds of the Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service.

According to the National Popcorn Institute in Chicago, Indiana led the nation in popcorn production in 1998 and 1999, but fell out of first place in 2000. Indiana may regain the No. 1 position after other states report statistics for the 2001 crop season.

Prices remained relatively stable from 2000. Last year processors offered 9 cents per pound for popcorn, down from 9.1 cents per pound in 2000 and 10 cents in 1999.

Harvested acres increased 29 percent from the previous year because some producers who did not renew their contracts in 2000 did return to planting popcorn in 2001. Popcorn, unlike field corn or soybeans, is produced almost exclusively by contract.

Indiana farmers harvested 77,000 acres last year, up from 55,000 acres reported in 2000. Popcorn acreage has been decreasing since 1997, when 88,000 acres were harvested in the state.

Popcorn can be grown in all regions of Indiana, though much of it is grown in the northern one-third of the state. White, Pulaski, Fulton and Jasper counties led in Hoosier popcorn production last year.

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