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March 22, 2002

Web site helps match state's producers, users of recyclable wastes

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Civil engineers at Purdue University are creating a Web site to help state and local governments make good use of waste materials that would otherwise be dumped at landfills.

The site will display the names and locations of Indiana companies producing wastes that could be reused as raw materials for construction and transportation projects. The Web site will show where the companies are located, making it easier for cities and counties to identify waste sources in their areas. In addition, the site will provide information about how these wastes can be used.

The wastes include foundry sands left over from castings; fly ash and coal ash, which are mainly produced by coal-burning power plants; rubber tires; waste concrete; and crushed glass. Reusing the wastes not only helps the environment, but saves money for state industries and state and local governments, said Bob McCullouch, a research scientist in the Purdue School of Civil Engineering.

Companies producing these types of wastes are asked to contact McCullouch. The Purdue researchers are especially in need of information about waste sources in the Indianapolis area and in northwest Indiana.

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