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University of Texas at Austin machine step list

1. Pull the fire alarm

2. Releases the dog; dog pulls a pin

3. Chases the cat up the tree

4. Fireman slides down a fire pole

5. Rocks the bed

6. 8-ball rolls out of bed

7. 8-ball falls on catapult near fire hydrant

8. Catapult throws 8-ball and hits a target

9. 8-ball rolls onto fire ladder

10. Catapult hits a lever

11. Lever pulls a pin

12. Pin releases a gate

13. Cylinder rolls down a ramp

14. Cylinder hits the hammer

15. Hammer falls and pulls pin

16. Releases a fire ax

17. Ax hits a lever

18. Lever sends ladder up with 8-ball

19. Half way up the conveyor belt pushes 8-ball down the fire escape

20. 8-ball flips lights switch at bottom of fire escape

21. 8-ball goes on to engine #3

22. Light switch turns on Statue of Liberty lamp

23. Lamp trips photo transistor

24. Trips a low power relay switch

25. Trips a high power relay switch

26. Turns on starter solenoid

27. Solenoid pulls a lever

28. Tank is released down the ramp

29. Lever turns off light bulb

30. Tank rolls on platform

31. Platform opens an air valve

32. Air flows into PVC tube firing a bullet

33. Bullet strikes a ram

34. Bullet falls into cup

35. Cup pulls a lever

36. Lever releases steel bearing

37. Bearing rolls down track into the Washington Monument

38. Ball loads itself into a cannon

39. (From line 33) ram hits a lever

40. Lever pulls a pin releasing lever arm

41. Lever arm pull crack shaft

42. Crank pulls pin releasing F-22

43. F-22 fires down zip line hitting a washer

44. Washer pulls pin

45. Pin releases a dumbbell

46. Dumbbell pulls engine #3 up ramp (with 8-ball inside)

47. 8-ball gets ejected out

48. 8-ball falls onto balanced lever arm

49. Lever arm release ball onto banister rails

50. 8-ball strikes rat trap

51. Rat trap hits cutter

52. Cutter cuts string

53. String releases a weight

54. Weight hits a lever

55. Lever fires a cannon

56. Steel ball from cannon strikes piercing plate

57. Piercing plate pops balloon

58. Trailer ball falls down after balloon pops

59. String on trailer ball turns a pulley

60. Pulley releases pendulum

61. Pendulum picks up American Flag (by Velcro)

62. Pendulum ratchets up American Flag

63. Secured, raises and waves