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September 26, 2002

Genetically enhanced corn for sale, but who's buying?

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Producers who need to find grain handlers to buy genetically modified corn need look no further than the Internet.

The "Know Where to Go" campaign helps producers find a place to sell GMO corn, since some grain elevators and processors will not accept certain varieties such as Bt and Roundup Ready corn.

The campaign is a Web site and poster-based information effort accessible at "Know Where to Go" is a collaboration among Purdue University Extension, University of Illinois Extension, Iowa State University Extension along with the National Corn Growers Association and respective state associations.

"Certain genetically enhanced grains have not been approved for all end-use markets," said Dirk Maier, a Purdue Extension agricultural engineer. "This campaign tries to remind farmers who planted certain types of genetically enhanced seed corn last spring that they need to make sure they deliver the resulting crop to an elevator or feed miller that has agreed to accept those grain types."

At the "Know Where to Go" site, producers can link to the American Seed Trade Association buyers database. Producers enter their zip code and how far they are willing to travel to sell their grain, and a list of willing grain handlers, along with their phone numbers and addresses, appears.

"It's not very difficult at all for producers to find a buyer," Maier said. "The grain handlers database shows over 2,000 elevators all over the country. In Indiana there are typically more than one facility in every county that accepts these types of grains."

Maier said food and industrial processors purchase much of the corn in Indiana and it's important to keep certain types of GMO varieties away from those markets. He suggests producers check with elevator operators and grain buyers in advance to find out if they need to segregate certain grain types.

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