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January 22, 2003

Expert talks about Super Bowl atmosphere

A Purdue University professor says football fans can experience a feeling similar to holiday letdown when it comes to the Super Bowl.

"Just like Christmas, the Super Bowl has the same expectations and disappointments," says Randy Roberts, history professor and author of "Winning is the Only Thing: Sports in America Since 1945." "Because of the hype and media daze, Americans' expectations are ridiculously high, and nothing – the teams, the game or entertainment – can live up to them."

Roberts, who identifies the game as the big civic event for Americans, says the teams that make it to the Super Bowl often provide a mismatch that leads to a blowout and less excitement for fans.

"In the past the best football team tends to pound everyone else," says Roberts, specializes in U.S. sports history and pop culture. "But this year, there is a chance for an upset."

Roberts also can talk about the historical significance of the game following Sunday's match-up.

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