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February 7, 2003

Purdue prof: Serbia building bridge to the West

If a Serbian province votes on Feb. 11 to turn over alleged war criminals for trial, the country will take a major step in building bridges with the West, says a Purdue University historian.

For almost a year Charles Ingrao, a history professor in the School of Liberal Arts, has lobbied the parliament of Vojvodina, Serbia's largest and wealthiest province, on the issue. The vote on the resolution, which is expected to be successful, would demand Serbia send indicted war criminals, now in hiding, to the international criminal tribunal.

The vote has the potential to change the political structure in Serbia, according to an analysis written by Ingrao. His analysis is available on the Web.

The United Nations War Crimes Tribunal was established at the Hague in 1993 to prosecute crimes committed during wars in the former Yugoslavia.

Ingrao's Web page.

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