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Friday, April 25, 2003

By Martin C. Jischke

This is my favorite time of year. It’s the time when many of our students finally reap the rewards of many long nights and much hard work. It’s spring, and the end of the academic year is approaching. For many, it’s also graduation time, a time when dreams are fulfilled and an exciting future beckons.

The Purdue name will open doors for them. That’s because Purdue has a reputation for turning out students who not only are extremely qualified in their fields, but who also have the values employers need most: responsibility and creativity.

I couldn’t be more proud of our Purdue students, and my association with them has been the best part of my years in West Lafayette. For example, Purdue student leaders have gone to great lengths blending responsibility and creativity into this week’s Grand Alternative, which in the past five years has grown to more than three dozen events spread over more than two weeks. They’ve come up with a lot of great ways to celebrate the end of the school year and to unwind responsibly before final exams.

Our students’ creativity really came to the fore in planning Wednesday night’s "Dive-in Movie: JAWS" at our Aquatic

Center. It was one of my personal favorites. Students floated on inner tubes while movie heroes again fought that persistent shark. There’s a "Battle of the Bands" tonight at Fowler Hall; an outdoor movie, "The Recruit," Saturday night on Memorial Mall; and the Grand Alternative Concert on Sunday at Slayter Center.

I understand there even are tango lessons available on Saturday at the Wesley Foundation!

And of course, there’s the Grand Prix race on Saturday, and the Indianapolis Racing League is sending its "Fan Experience" interactive activities to campus for the weekend.

I know that the vast majority of our students want to have fun responsibly. I’m counting on all of them to speak up this weekend if they see a Purdue brother or sister heading toward trouble.

Bad decisions by students this weekend could be devastating. Making the wrong choices can upset final exam week and summer plans, lead to injury, and even derail a college career.

Student conduct impacts not only individual reputations, but also that of fellow students and even the alumni. The conduct of each individual has an impact on the entire university.

So please have fun, but celebrate wisely. Everything you do says Purdue.

To students who will receive degrees in May, I offer my congratulations and sincere best wishes for continued success in life. To those who will be returning to campus, have a great summer, and I hope we will have another memorable year.

Thanks for being part of the Purdue family!