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April 28, 2003

Hollywood, despite its protests, will glorify Iraq war

Although many in the movie business voiced dissent on the war in Iraq, a Purdue University American history expert says the war-related movies that Hollywood produces will not represent the popular opinion of Tinsel Town.

"Hollywood won’t risk millions of dollars on antiwar films even if it represents the majority opinion of those in the business, " says Randy Roberts, who specializes in the history of pop culture and sports, and is author of many books, including "John Wayne: American. "

As the war in Iraq winds down, Americans can expect to see Hollywood bringing stories of courage to the silver screen.

"The early war movies will be a good fit for made-for-TV films, " Roberts says. "It may be a little longer before we see feature films in the theaters."

Roberts says there is not necessarily a grace period from the end of the war to when Hollywood can begin making bucks from war stories. Films were made during and after World War II until people tired of them, Roberts says.

By contrast, the Vietnam War was much different. Few movies immediately followed the war, Roberts says.

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