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May 16, 2003

Purdue Musical Organizations to restructure ensembles

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue Musical Organizations is restructuring its ensembles to offer a new campuswide singing opportunity at a non-varsity level of participation.

Current members of the non-varsity University Choir, a large mixed ensemble, and PMO Express, a small ensemble of approximately 15 members, will be invited to audition for three varsity-level groups or try out for other groups that offer fewer time commitments. The varsity level Purdue Varsity Glee Club, the Purduettes and the Purdue Bell Choir will be expanded.

PMO director Brian Breed says PMO offers opportunities for all current members.

"One of the really positive outcomes of our decision to restructure our professional performance enterprise is that none of the groups is being disbanded and none of our current student performers will be eliminated," Breed says. "They have been invited to join either our continuing varsity level commitments or be a part of a brand new initiative designed to be more inclusive and campus oriented."

Breed says once casting is complete, PMO will be able to customize performances for each of its diverse audiences.

"Our funding is derived in great part from our performance income and our ability to provide the kind and type of entertainment that is requested on a regular and recurring basis," Breed says. "The changes in structure have addressed these issues for PMO and Purdue. Whether it's working with our Alumni Association, various schools and departments or the dozens of off-campus clients and customers throughout the United States and abroad, our mission is to always be one of the most effective ambassadors for Purdue University."

Breed says he also hopes to offer more non-varsity, on-campus performances, such as the U-Sing competition, and also collaborate on more multicultural projects with other campus and community organizations.

"For years we have been looking forward to getting the whole campus singing," Breed says. "Yet we always have had people to turn away. By using the powerful gift of music and song to bring people together in a non-varsity, more inclusive music program, we can offer more students singing opportunities in the fall and spring so they, too, have an outlet to sing."

Breed says he is confident these changes will be positive for PMO.

"We exist to bring the kind of recognition and honor that Purdue University deserves," he says. "Our goal every year includes achieving as many friends for Purdue as possible. These changes in structure will allow us to better organize ourselves to staff, support and fund the professional quality programs and performances that are worthy of our outstanding student performers."

All new students can arrange an audition for the Glee Club, Purduettes or Bell Choir by contacting the PMO office at (765) 494-3941 by Thursday, June 19. Performers, instrumentalists, sound/stage technicians and staff will be cast by the end of June.

A PMO "Campus Chorale" call-out for the non-varsity large mixed ensemble or participation in the PMO Christmas Show cantata will take place at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 26, in the Elliott Hall of Music. Auditions for all non-varsity participants will take place Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 27-28, in PMO's rehearsal studio, located on the fourth floor of the Elliott Hall of Music.

CONTACT: Breed, (765) 494-3941,

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