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August 12, 2003

Expert says America losing more than jobs

Congress should tax American companies that are cutting U.S. jobs for cheaper employment in other countries, says a Purdue University sociologist.

"Then, that money should be used to help the displaced workers so the social cost – welfare and unemployment – is not so great," says Robert Perrucci, author of "The New Class Society: Goodbye American Dream?" "American corporations have greater incentive to seek employees overseas, so we need to call upon Congress to adopt a job-loss assessment policy. U.S. companies should have greater incentive to employ Americans.

"We cannot prevent companies from moving abroad, but we shouldn’t make it so attractive."

Perrucci says the American work force will take a hard hit when white-collar jobs are eliminated, just as the blue-collar sector suffered in the 1970s and 1980s. He also can talk about the sociological impacts of plant closings.

"The American people’s confidence is declining in corporate institutions," Perrucci says. "The belief that you are going to have a better life than your parents is fading. And what is even more dangerous is the belief that your son or daughter will have a better life than you is disappearing."

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