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September 9, 2003

Purdue speech sciences study seeks subjects

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Purdue University speech physiology professor is looking for subjects to participate in a study about speech production in patients with Parkinson's disease.

Jessica Huber, a professor of audiology and speech sciences, needs 15 females and 15 males with Parkinson's disease to participate in the study.

"People with Parkinson's disease develop a weak, shaky voice which can make communication difficult and affect their quality of life," Huber says. "There are treatment programs, but not everyone is gaining results from today's treatments. In this study, we are evaluating the physiological and cognitive aspects of speech problems associated with Parkinson's disease patients in an effort to improve treatments."

Subjects will be asked to read a passage and talk while their respiratory, lip and jaw movement is monitored. To participate, the subject must have a neurologic diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson's disease, mild to moderate speech or voice difficulties due to Parkinson's disease and a general North American dialect. Subjects also must be of average height and weight. For additional information about the criteria for this study, contact Huber at (765) 494-6488, Participants will be reimbursed $40 to $50 for their time.

Huber's research is funded by a National Institutes of Health grant, and will be conducted in the Speech Physiology Laboratory in Heavilon Hall. Anyone traveling more than 30 minutes one way to West Lafayette also will be compensated for travel.

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