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December 24, 2003

Experts available to comment on mad cow disease found in U.S.

The following Purdue University experts are available to comment on the effects of the report of the first case of mad cow disease in this country:

Chris Hurt, professor of agricultural economics can discuss the effect this will have on the U.S beef prices and exports. CONTACT: Hurt, (765) 494-4273 (office), (765) 463-7559 (home),

Simon Kenyon, associate professor of livestock population health and a nationally recognized expert in animal health and nutrition. He was in England during foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in the 1960s and has studied foreign animal disease threats at the USDA research center on Plum Island. CONTACT: Kenyon, (765) 494-0333 (office), (317) 876-7559 (home), (317) 341-4807 (cell),

Leon Thacker, head of Purdue's Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, can discuss the symptoms, testing procedures and safeguards in place to detect and protect against animal diseases. CONTACT: Thacker, (765) 494-7460 (office), (765) 463-5340 (home), (765) 404-5829 (cell),

A news release discussing the economic impact of mad cow disease will be issued later today (Wednesday, 12/24).