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May 7, 2004

Purdue and state swap land to bring jobs to Jennings County

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue University's School of Agriculture has agreed with the State of Indiana to transfer land that will be used for developing an industrial park in Jennings County. The announcement by the state was made today (May 7).

Gov. Joseph Kernan signed the agreement with Purdue President Martin C. Jischke. Kernan said it was a win for all Hoosiers. "Developing an industrial park will bring jobs, and Purdue will be able to further its agricultural research at the Southeast-Purdue Agricultural Center."

The agreement will transfer 140 acres at the Southeast-Purdue Agricultural Center (SEPAC) in exchange for land that includes the grounds of the Muscatatuck State Development Center located to the north of SEPAC.

"Purdue Agriculture is excited about this agreement," said Randy Woodson, director of agricultural research programs. "We are glad to be working with the state for the purpose of creating jobs in Jennings County and for the new opportunities in terms of additional land for our woodland and wildlife studies."

In addition to the Muscatatuck facility, Purdue will assume ownership of nearby wooded acreage and recreational areas. The recreational areas will continue to be operated by the Department of Natural Resources in cooperation with Purdue.

The state plans to close the Muscatatuck facility by Jan. 1, 2005. Purdue will hand over land at SEPAC as projects are identified and commitments secured for the property by the Jennings County Economic Development Commission.

Research on grain crops, forestry and horticulture are conducted at SEPAC. Jerry Fankhauser, director of Purdue's agricultural research centers, said the research projects currently located on the land to be transferred will be relocated to other areas of SEPAC.

"Working closely with the state, we have been able to move existing field studies to make land available for the industrial park development," Fankhauser said. "This land transfer will increase our ability to research timber growth and sustainable forest management, as well as conduct agronomic field studies on the rolling terrain that exists around the Muscatatuck Center."

Purdue operates eight regional agricultural centers in Indiana, which are used by researchers from all agricultural disciplines.

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