Purdue Today

February 12, 2008

New financial reports available this week

New monthly financial reports will be available Feb. 13-15 and will be delivered electronically. 

Financial reports for sponsored program projects will be delivered to those who have been identified as a PI or a co-PI.  Other financial reports are being set up through the business offices for initial delivery during the months of February and March.

Designated faculty and staff will receive an e-mail message with a subject line of "Purdue financial reports are available."  Those who receive the e-mail should click on the link in the message and follow it to the OnePurdue portal screen.  After you log in, you will find the reports that have been sent to you.

To make it easier for faculty and staff members to learn about the new reports, the following Web page contains several helpful resources, including sample reports, a glossary of terms, frequently asked questions and quick-reference cards.

This page will be a good place to start for those with questions.  Please contact your business office for additional assistance or information.