Purdue Today

June 26, 2008

OnePurdue: Update for West Lafayette myPurdue, INB users

The release of the final major piece of OnePurdue software is less than a month away for the West Lafayette and Purdue North Central campuses. The information below is important for all West Lafayette users of the new student systems -- particularly myPurdue, the Internet portal that will replace SSINFO, and Internet Native Banner (INB), a different interface to Banner through which some faculty and staff will perform more advanced administrative functions.

myPurdue Transition Schedule

A document outlining the transition schedule from SSINFO and SIS to myPurdue is now online. It lists various features of SSINFO and SIS, when they will be moved from their current system, and where they will be located after their transition to myPurdue is complete. The document can be found here:

A link to it also can be found on the OnePurdue Web site's Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) page:

INB Login problems

Some typographical characters in Purdue Career Account passwords cause problems when trying to access INB, resulting in this error message: TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specified. Therefore, faculty and staff using INB need to make sure their passwords do not contain any unacceptable symbols or punctuation. A list of characters not allowed by INB can be found in this quick-reference card:

(A valid Career Account username and password is required to access this Web page.)


The new ESAnews (OnePurdue's electronic newsletter about the Enrollment and Student Affairs/Banner implementation) is now online and can be read here:

This issue includes information about preparation for the final Banner release in July, myPurdue demonstration videos, Cognos and Banner security, among other topics.

Previous issues of ESAnews can be found from this page: