Purdue Today

July 24, 2008

OnePurdue: Online role request form now available

Those who need access to the new Banner student systems and the Cognos reporting tool can now request access through an online form.

The form, to be used for both permanent and temporary role assignments, can be completed by appointed role requestors in the central offices and academic areas across campus, said Dan Whiteley, data steward in Student Services Technology and Assessment. Those requesting temporary role assignments will need to know both the date the access is to be given and the date it should be removed.

The role requestor will need to know three things before completing the form:

1. The employee's alias
2. Organizational unit
3. The Banner role or Cognos access needed

"The form includes a link to a spreadsheet that can help them determine which role(s) they'll need to request," Whiteley said.

After submitting the request, they will receive a confirmation e-mail letting them know it was successful and is being reviewed by a data steward. Based on how data will be viewed in the new Banner system, all staff members will need to have completed both FERPA and GLBA certifications (required annually) online before a new role can be granted.

Both the person requesting the role to be assigned and the employee for whom the role is requested will receive e-mails notifying them when the role assignment is complete. For those requesting access to Cognos, further evaluation and approval may be necessary based on additional criteria.

"Because of their positions in the human resources system, faculty members and academic advisers should have access to myPurdue and its self-services by default," Whiteley said. "They should not use this form to request self-service roles."

To access this form, employees should go to this Web page and log in with their Purdue Career Account username and password: http://www.purdue.edu/rolerequest.

Questions about this process can be sent to the Student Services data steward.