Purdue Today

September 26, 2008

30-day password rule begins Oct. 1 for advisors, INB users

Beginning Oct. 1, some users of the new student systems will be required to change their passwords every 30 days in order to log in to the myPurdue portal.

This is an exception to the University policy that states all Career Account passwords must be changed every 120 days, which will continue to apply to students and faculty members who do not have advising access to student data.

All Internet Native Banner (INB) users (including student employees who use INB) and academic advisors who use Self-Service Banner (SSB), however, will now have to change their passwords every 30 days.

To help myPurdue users keep track of their password status, a window on their myPurdue home page shows how many days remain until their current password expires. If it needs to be changed, there is a link to do so directly from this page.

By default, this countdown indicator has been 120 days for everyone since myPurdue was released in July. On Oct. 1, however, this will switch to 30 days for those who need to change their passwords that often.

"It's important that all '30-day' myPurdue users be current within that limit before Sept. 30 so they don't get caught in a 30-day expiration situation Oct. 1," said OnePurdue ESA security lead Dee Schlatter.

There also has been some confusion about how myPurdue passwords should be changed, she said.

"You log in to both the myPurdue and SAP portals with your Career Account username and password, so when you change it, it will change for all Career Account-enabled services, including myPurdue," she said.

There are exceptions to this synchronized Career Account change, including TouchNet and Ad Astra accounts, which are completely separate from the Career Account process. Documentation distributed to new TouchNet and Ad Astra users includes information about password changes, requirements and restrictions specific to those systems.

Information on how to change Career Account passwords is available here or from each department’s technical support staff.