Purdue Today

October 13, 2008

Updates approved for a/p staff employment policy

The Board of Trustees approved changes to Purdue's policy on the terms and conditions of employment for administrative and professional staff at its Sept. 26 meeting.

The updated policy supersedes Executive Memorandum No. B-55, which dates back to 1979. The policy has been modified to reflect current practices, most of which have been in place for several years, said Jim Almond, vice president for business services and assistant treasurer.

The revised policy eliminates the requirement for formal contracts, which were replaced by offer letters in spring 2007. The policy lists elements that must be part of each offer letter, including salary, effective date of employment, term of employment and position title.

The revised policy also removes the 30-day notification period of termination, which became obsolete in 2002 with the adoption of a separation pay policy. Employees terminated by the University must leave on the day of notification and receive separation pay of one-half of one month's regular pay.

Language regarding A/P staff's at-will employment status has been simplified.

The updated policy also clarifies the employment situations under which a staff member's salary can be reduced. Although this does not happen often, there were inconsistent understandings across campus about the circumstances when this situation may apply, Almond said.

The policy is available at www.purdue.edu/policies/pages/human_resources/iv_14_5.html.