Purdue Today

January 21, 2009

City phone books coming; recycling of old books set

Area telephone directories for 2009 are to be distributed on the West Lafayette campus Thursday and Friday (Jan. 22-23), according to the general labor crew in Operations and Maintenance.

Crews from Purdue Recycling will collect old phone books Saturday, Jan. 31, says Joel Zarate, recycling coordinator. Other phone books including old Purdue directories are eligible.

In November's phone book collection, Zarate says, Purdue kept 9,379 pounds of paper from the landfill.

For the Jan. 31 pickup, unneeded phone books, boxed or bundled, should be placed on loading docks or next to the outdoor green Purdue Recycling collection carts on Friday, Jan. 30. Covering the books against the weather is helpful.

For more information, contact the Recycling Office at 49-40194 or 49-63326 or recycling@purdue.edu, or visit www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/recycling.