Purdue Today

August 24, 2009

Update: Traffic, parking disruptions

Here are notes on some current and upcoming disruptions on the West Lafayette campus.

-- On southbound Northwestern Avenue along the Mackey Arena project, revised INDOT traffic control is partially in place. The speed limit will be 30 mph and additional barrels will be place. This is to continue throughout the project's remaining two years.

-- This week, an enforcement campaign by Purdue and West Lafayette police will underscore the importance of safety at crosswalks. New crosswalk markings and in-street signs have been placed at several intersections around and near the campus. As the signs indicate, state law requires that vehicles stop at a marked point to yield to pedestrians. More is at http://news.uns.purdue.edu/x/2009b/090812PoliceCrosswalks.html.

-- Today on University Drive near Lambert Fieldhouse and Cary Quad East, Waterworks will be making an emergency sewer repair. Caution in traffic is advised, and some street parking spaces will be closed. The work will take all day.

-- On Thursday morning (Aug. 27) on University Drive from Tower Drive north to the Intercollegiate Athletic Facility, asphalt patching will cause lane closures and a flagger will direct traffic.

-- Adjacent to the new football practice fields north of Mollenkopf Athletic Center, a new parking lot north of the fields (near Cherry Lane) was to open today. A new lot west of the fields is to open Aug. 31. Access to both will be from University Drive.

-- At Lilly Hall, the loading dock will have limited access and some parking spaces will be lost for several months. New transformers and a new duct bank will be installed at the southwest side of the building as part of the High Voltage Project. Crews have begun cutting and excavation. Use caution in the area. Map: http://www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/travel/pdf/Lilly_ph5.pdf.


-- The Y-shaped intersection at Third Street near Elliott Hall of Music and the Armory is now permanently a three-say stop.

--  Construction traffic for the Roger B. Gatewood Wing of the Mechanical Engineering Building is approaching the site from State Street past Memorial Mall and through Centennial Mall. Centennial Mall is divided into a construction traffic corridor and a pedestrian corridor. Golf cart-type vehicles are to avoid using either corridor. … … Construction traffic is leaving the site going west past Elliott and going on Third Street toward University Street.

-- Just east of campus, traffic lights have been removed at Vine Street's intersections with Fowler and Wiggins streets (U.S. 231). Vine Street traffic has stop signs but the crossing traffic on Fowler and Wiggins will not have to stop. Fowler is one-way westbound from the Harrison Bridge and River Road; Wiggins is one-way eastbound toward them. Caution by all motorists and pedestrians is in order as everyone adjusts. Map: http://www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/travel/pdf/231_traffic_light_removal.pdf.

-- Northbound Northwestern Avenue and westbound Cherry Lane will have daytime traffic disruptions and lane closures through late August. The City of West Lafayette will be performing work on the sanitary sewer and manholes. The disrupted area of northbound Northwestern will extend from Meridian Street to Cherry Lane. The disrupted area of westbound Cherry Lane will extend from Northwestern to the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex. Map: http://www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/travel/pdf/NW_Cherry_sewer.pdf.

-- In Stadium Mall, sidewalk closures and increases in construction traffic will occur through Sept. 18. Crews will be working on landscaping and irrigation projects and will be removing a section of the old Stadium Mall Drive. This is in the area near Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, the Purdue University Student Health Center, the Civil Engineering Building, Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering, Johnson Hall of Nursing, and Heine Pharmacy Building. For questions or concerns, contact Wyatt Carmony at 49-66650 or 430-6858.

-- The F-Lot north of Mackey Arena along Northwestern Avenue has been relocated to the area directly east of Mollenkopf Athletic Center, north of the existing lot, as part of the Mackey Arena Project. In addition, major deliveries to the construction site are expected; be alert and cautious in the area. … … People who park in the new F-Lot can access Mackey (MACK), the Intercollegiate Athletic Facility (IAF) including the Athletic Ticket Office, and Mollenkopf (MOLL) by using the sidewalk along the east side of Mollenkopf and IAF. The Mackey ramp will no longer be accessible to pedestrians. Fencing will be in place so that no one can enter mistakenly into any active construction zone. Map with pedestrian routes: http://www.purdue.edu/physicalfacilities/travel/pdf/Pedestrian_Access_from_New_F-lot.pdf.

-- At the north end of Young Hall, access may be limited due to the recladding project. Pedestrians may access the building via subwalks or west, southeast or east doors, though the vehicle loop on the east side (Grant Street) is closed. This overall project is expected to be complete by early October. More information can be found at www.purdue.edu/architect/about/construction/8660.htm.
Information is from Physical Facilities reports.