Purdue Today

October 30, 2009

New policy sets process for developing systemwide policies

A new policy goes into effect today (Oct. 30) that outlines the new process for developing system-wide policies.

Formulation and Issuance of Purdue University System-Wide Policies (III.1.1) includes proposal, drafting, and approval phases with a requirement that policies be reviewed at least every five years. The new requirements will promote consistency, accuracy, and relevance in University policies. Policies for the West Lafayette campus will follow this process.

Staff responsible for maintaining policies will need to follow the new process and use the new policy proposal form and policy template. Additional information, including the new forms and a flowchart depicting the process, are at www.purdue.edu/policies/pages/about_policies/about_pol.html.

The University Policy Office will assist policy owners through the process and maintain the policies Web site. Any questions about the new policy can be directed to the University Policy Office at 49-46373 or policies@purdue.edu.