August 31, 2007

Emergency procedures outline what to do with bomb threat

Purdue emergency preparedness personnel are reminding faculty and staff that procedures are in place in the event of a bomb threat that is called in or e-mailed in to campus offices.

Carol Shelby, senior director of environmental health and public safety, says individuals at universities around the country have received bomb threats by e-mail during the past week or so.

“More than 10 universities, including the University of Iowa and the University of Akron (Ohio) have received threats,” Shelby says, “Some of them have been building specific, and some of them have named the entire campus. None of these email threats has resulted in an actual event. All of them have been determined to be a hoax.”

Shelby says anyone who receives a bomb threat by any means should follow the University’s normal bomb threat procedure.

* Call the Purdue Police Department (call 911).

* Do not delete the e-mail or voicemail. An officer will come to your location to gather additional information.

Emergency procedures information can be found at The Emergency Procedures Handbook is available as a link on that page.