January 25, 2007

College students across Indiana raise their voices at the statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS – College students from across Indiana are expected to converge on the Indiana Statehouse on President’s Day, Monday, February 19, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for the annual Day At the State House (DASH) event to interact with state leaders on a host of public issues.

DASH is part of the “Raise Your Voice – A Month of Action” campaign organized and coordinated by Indiana Campus Compact, a 45-campus consortium that promotes community service and service-learning at college and university campuses among faculty, staff, students, and communities. The Indiana “Raise Your Voice” effort is part of a nationwide project to promote civic engagement.

The February 19 program at the Statehouse and Government Center will include a welcome by Secretary of State Todd Rokita, a tour of the Statehouse, round-table discussions with state government representatives, training on lobbying, and a discussion of current legislation affecting college students.

The event is being organized to demonstrate that Indiana college students care about important public issues and intend for their views to be heard on such topics as jobs in Indiana, health care, funding for higher education, and foreign policy, among others.

Persons interested in more information about DASH may visit the Indiana Campus Compact website at https://www.indianacampuscompact.org or call Lindsay Doucette at (317) 274-6500. The registration deadline is February 9.

CONTACT: Lindsay Doucette, (317) 274-6500, lgdoucet@iupui.edu