BASi Introduces Innovative Animal Behavior Monitor

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN, May 14, 2007 - BASi has made commercially available the Force Plate Actimeter, a behavioral monitor with much finer spatial and temporal resolution than laser-based devices for objective quantification of laboratory animal behavior. For use with rats and mice weighing between 15g and 500g, the device quantifies locomotor activity (startle, ataxia, focused stereotoypy, grooming, rearing, jumping, scratching, etc.) and quantifies tremor and seizure behavior. It replaces several pieces of equipment because it performs these functions simultaneously.

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The FPA features a ventilated sound-attenuating chamber for observing fine motor activity; easy-to-clean plate and animal enclosure for higher throughput; easy setup with independent height adjustment of transducers and animal enclosure; and Windows-based software for data collection and analysis. Raw data can be exported as a tab-delimited text file for custom post-hoc analysis.

The Force Plate Actimeter is the invention of Professor Stephen C. Fowler and Troy Zarcone, University of Kansas. The concept and applications are described by issued USA and pending international patents. Professor Fowler and BASi jointly continue development of the device, which BASi is manufacturing and taking to the marketplace.

For more information: https://www.bioanalytical.com, or phone Natasha Nikolaidis at 800-845-4246, Ext. 815.

Alice Schwind, Corporate Communications Manager BASi, Phone 1-765-497-8458, Fax 1-765-497-1102, aschwind@bioanalytical.com, https://www.bioanalytical.com

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